I was inspired to start One Step Solutions Limited in August 2016 after interacting with various entrepreneurs and discovered there was a need to improve the way they accessed credit to finance their businesses. Under One Step Solutions Limited, I rolled out a credit lending platform called M-Weza which has managed to reduce the hassle entrepreneurs go through to finance their businesses.

I believe M-Weza has made a huge impact to the society judging from the feedback I’ve gotten from several clients and investors who’ve used and heard about it. Once they understand what they stand to gain from M-Weza, they don’t care about what it takes to join the platform because they know the rewards will be significant.

I plan a Pan African expansion for M-Weza in the next five years because the gap in accessing credit is not specific to Kenya alone but to other countries as well. In the next 20 years, M-Weza will be a recognizable brand not only in Africa but to the entire world because I plan to partner with other organizations that share the same goals as us; to financially empower SMEs through innovative business models.

Education: B.Com, Finance Option at Strathmore University

Business Principle: Integrity.

Best Compliment Received: I can sell salt to a slug.

When I am Not Working: I am singing or brewing a hot cup of tea. I play the keyboard too!